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Architecture, the Public Realm, and Small-Town America

I found this through Post Right, a blog through the American Conservative (not that I subscribe, it just came through my news feed).  This was posted on Nathancontramundi, a blog by “an educated Midwestern hick tilting at windmills.”  This particular post mentions how wonderful he finds it to live in a walkable community, but at the same time, how terrible it is that beautiful buildings from before WWII are being modified or replaced with Modern monstrosities.  He gives multiple insights, including pictures and vivid descriptions of the changes.  He also argues that money isn’t really the issue, because our forefathers built better buildings with even less money.  He concludes that “the problem is more a symptom of cultural enervation, of the death of the public realm and community spirit, than it is of perpetual residence in or near the red.”  He finishes with a call to action — that “We need to demand more of our civil servants, of our entrepreneurs, and of our civic organizations.  We need to demand more of ourselves, because we owe it to ourselves, to our forebears, and to our children.”