Taking Oak Cliff’s “Better Block” to Atlanta and the Congress for the New Urbanism

Robert Wilonsky of Unfair Park brings this awesome story on an urbanism technique that should be replicated in every small town and suburb in America.  Instead of coming up with a fancy proposal full of glossy architectural renderings and lofty language about the future, The Better Block Project simply took a block near the intersection of West 7th Street and North Tyler Street in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas and just made it right, overnight.  They installed a bike lane protected from the street by parking, narrowed the street by just setting up plants as bollards, and turned the reclaimed street section into cafe seating.  They added a little bit of paint to the buildings and voila, awesome little block.  What’s really amazing about this was that it was fast and relatively cheap–no new infrastructure, just some paint and some plants, but it still ended up being really cool.  This project has been squeezed into the CNU 18 schedule at the last minute due to its sheer awesomeness.  Check out the video.


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