Texas Sprawl Goes Out With a Bang, Development Sprouts on Irving Transit Line

Greg Lindsay brings us this article on development in Irving, Texas.  Many in Irving were unhappy when they lost the new Cowboys stadium to neighboring Arlington, but they have turned lemons into lemonade with a great plan for development on the former site of the recently demolished Texas Stadium.  The city is leasing the land to the Texas Department of Transportation, making more money than they ever did with the Cowboys, and have plans to create a dense, transit-oriented development along the future DART corridor.  The area will become the most walkable in the Metroplex outside of downtown Dallas.  The city has already begun building convention and entertainment centers and looks forward to $4 billion in private investment.  The plans include five-story apartment blocks with ground-floor retail.

Irving is known for office parks and gated communities, so the new development is not only very different, it is aimed at different groups than have previously been courted by Irving.  Some see the new dense, mixed-use and apartment-based development plans are seen by some as an admission that office parks and single-family McMansions are no longer enough.  Market demand is pointing in this direction, and Irving has been smart enough to take the lead, and they will profit from it.  Here are some renderings from the Irving Chamber of Commerce of what it might look like.

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