He Can Go Home Again

This story from Thomas MacMillan of the New Haven Independent shows what I think is one of the best implementations of New Urbanism: replacing 60s-70s era public housing barracks with mixed-income, human-scale communities.  West Rock’s Brookside Avenue will be home to the new Brookside Housing Development, with the Rockview development nearby.  The developments will have nearly 400 rental units, but also 60 home ownership units, which will allow people of different incomes to live together and allow members to move up to a home when they can afford it or move down to a rental if hard times hit without leaving the neighborhood.  New streets will be named after important citizens in the community, like Shirley Banks, co-chair of the West Rock Implementation Committee, which worked as an advisory council on the project and made sure that construction jobs would go to residents, locals and minorities.  Many former residents are planning on moving back and looking forward to the reuniting of the community that was created there with the previous development.  The project should be completed by the fall of 2011.


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