Design plans revealed for land at Laurel Park

Janene Holzberg brings us this story on plans for a transit-oriented development in Laurel, outside of Baltimore, MD.  The plan includes mixed-use buildings that could be up to ten stories.  The buildings will have 775 residential units, 650,000 square feet of office space, and 120,000 square feet of ground-floor retail.  The development will be behind existing buildings on nearby US 1, and will go to the county border.  The development will be built around the Laurel Park MARC station.  These plans finally come five years after the area was zoned for TOD.  Jeff Hayes, the developer, wants to create a “smart-growth community unto itself,” and to “encourage people to get out of their cars, walk around and enjoy what’s being developed there.”  The entrance road will be redesigned to function as an urban boulevard.  This development is hoped to spur more development along the US 1 corridor.  It’s good to see TOD happening in more suburban communities, and I hope that this project gets built and does help to revitalize the corridor and set a good example for the surrounding area about how to use MARC stations.

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