Resiliency and Revival: Transit-Oriented Development as a Road to Sustainable Growth

Tali Trigg shares this story about the economic advantages of transit-oriented development.  research shows that TOD can work as a buffer against economic downturn in modern downtowns.  It also “promotes economic development, enhances real estate value, and increases favorable labor access, both for laborers and employers; all of which are key tools for survival in an economically equalized playing field.”  Transit is also a much better investment than roads.  The extension of LA‘s Bus Rapid Transit Orange Line will create 210,000 jobs and $32 billion in economic output.  Generally speaking, investing $1 in transit nets you $2 in savings.  Transit projects create 19 percent more jobs than road projects.  It also saves money on gasoline, parking and land value to the tune of about a billion a day.  These urban developments also have a lower per capita level of consumption than outlying areas.  It also generates enough tax revenue to cover infrastrcture costs, something that suburbs are unable to do.  Instead of funding transit through sales tax, we need to invest in what can become an economic engine for communities.


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