UTA proposes high-density development in Sandy

Rebecca Palmer and Laura Hancock bring us this story on the rumblings of transit-oriented development in Sandy, UT, the southern anchor of the Salt Lake Valley and in some ways a growing compliment to Salt Lake City.  The current terminus of Salt Lake’s TRAX light rail is in Sandy, and they want to develop the area in a high-density, mixed-use fashion.  The development is facing some opposition, mostly because high density projects in Utah have historically been terrible, so high density is immediately associated with slums, and from local leaders who are afraid of the traffic increases in the area and don’t understand the fact that the whole purpose of transit-oriented development is to make people less dependent upon cars.  Currently, the station is home to about 1,200 parking spots, but the developers plan on taking 500 of those away and turning the land into buildings, which shouldn’t be a problem considering that the transit line is being extended and a lot of the people who used to drive to the station will be able to walk or drive to one that is even closer to their homes.  All I can say is that I hope that Sandy and UTA don’t kowtow to some of the conservative idiots that live in Sandy and work for and read the Deseret News, which published this story.  This could be one of the best things to ever happen to south Salt Lake County.

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