A “GreenPrint” for Boston

Sam Yoon, a Boston Mayoral Candidate, posted this story on the Daily Kos.  He is seeing cities across the country not waiting for federal regulations to guide their energy policy, but taking matters into their own hands, incentivising solar, green roofs, and other more sustainable forms of development.  He lists a variety of policies that he would pursue as Mayor:

  • Retrofitting Our Aging Homes – Work with youth and community groups and unions to create green jobs and save energy by retrofitting and weatherizing Boston’s old housing stock.
  • Creating Green Neighborhoods – Rezone to incentivize community gardens and farmers markets, fresh produce in convenience stores and bodegas, and pedestrian and bike travel.
  • Incentivising Green Roofs – Offer a property tax abatement to encourage people to build green roofs and create new markets for related products.
  • Managing City Vehicles Efficiently – Allow the city to reduce and better use it’s fleet of vehicles by creating an internal system to reserve vehicles on an as-needed basis.

I don’t know anything else about his platform, but I doubt the opposition can come up with a better plan for development than this.  Whether or not he can implement all of these is another question, but the fact that he wants to is great in and of itself.  I’d vote for him.

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