Mass Transit and Smart Growth Save Time, $ and the Environment

The Daily Kos brings us another good article on transit.  They bring forth arguments from Texas and Portland about how light rail in particular saves time by getting more people off the road and speeding up commutes, money by costing less in infrastructure than roads, and the environment by reducing carbon emissions.  In addition to transit, they also look at the effect of urban growth boundaries, which are generally politically rough to set up but have done a great job of preserving rural land in Oregon and forcing cities to grow up rather than out.  They also analyze some of the effects of TOD, which when focused around transit makes it so that people don’t need to own a car or use the one they do own as much for daily errands.  Despite what you may hear from the CATO Institute (why anyone would ever listen to them, especially anyone who reads this, I don’t know, but just making sure), transit is effective in reaching all of these goals.

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