Lawmakers Aim to Bring ‘Sustainable Communities’ From Talk to Action

Elana Schor of Streetsblog brings us another great article on some of the smart growth provisions that went through the US House of Representatives with the recent climate change bill.  One of the main provisions that was included was legislation supporting Location-Efficient Mortgages, which take into consideration a family’s proximity to transit and counts it toward their income, and can stimulate TOD.  This would make it easier for young and urban families to get a mortgage.  It also mentions energy-efficient mortgages, which allow energy savings to offset a homeowner’s income.  There are also provisions that set up government loans for more environment-friendly energy production, such as putting solar panels on a roof, block grants to weatherize and insulate older buildings, and language encouraging general conservation.  We can only hope that there are enough intelligent people in the Senate to defeat the almost-certain filibuster from Republicans and coal-state Democrats and get this bill passed into law.


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