Housing Near Transit Gaining Momentum In Conn., Mass.

Don Stacom brings us this article in which he tracks a variety of transit-oriented developments in southern New England.  He mentions various smart planning strategies, including saving 20% of the units in a development for those making less than 80% of the area’s median income, and shared parking garages, both for residents and commuters, as opposed to never-ending surface lots which stifle development.  He quotes David Fink of the Partnership for Strong Communities as saying that transit helps housing by lessening the need for and money spent on cars, and that housing is good for transit, because it allows more people to use it, raising more revenue through fares and less through taxes.  He pays special attention to a development in Wallingford, CT, where they are planning for vertical mixed use buildings and a density of 26 units to the acre, much higher than traditional suburbs.  The affordable housing element, unlike previous public housing projects, is aimed at helping firefighters, teachers, and other necessary workers who oftentimes cannot afford market rate housing in expensive neighborhoods.  This is a pretty in-depth and interesting article, and it shows good things on the way for Connecticut transit.


One response to “Housing Near Transit Gaining Momentum In Conn., Mass.

  1. About time. I hope they make the service frequent enough, and really think about connecting labor rich but job poor towns like Waterbury into the system.

    Secondary transit systems instead of just increasing parking spaces near the stations is one area where I think the new management over at CT DOT is still lagging.

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