Major U.S. cities see rise in population

Joseph Weber brings us this article on the recent resurgence of cities in America.  A number of cities, from Los Angeles to Alexandria, have actually been gaining in population, after a long decline in the past few decades and as suburbs have slowed their advance.  There are various causes for this change, including immigration, natural increase, reduced prices due to the housing crisis, and–what New Urbanists can get excited about–a change in the American lifestyle.  According to George Overstreet, an associate professor at the University of Virginia‘s McIntire School of Commerce, “People want to play and live where they work.  Driving from one end of a mall to the other, or across a four-lane highway to get to another mall, maybe people don’t want to live like that anymore.”  Larry Hajime Shinagawa, an associate professor of American studies at the University of Maryland at College Park, added, “We are entering a postmodern era.  In this hyperpaced world, people want everything integrated. They want their gym and movie theater near their home. It’s buildings with stores on ground floors and condos on top. It’s a trend that is happening in Paris, Japan, across the world.”  These changes are exciting for the future of urbanism.


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