The GOP Climate ‘Traitors’ Have Something Else in Common …

Elana Schor of Streetsblog brings us this article on some shared characteristics of the GOP Climate Traitors.

In a characteristically un-Christian action by members of a party that supposedly supports Christian values, these eight Republicans who supported Obama’s climate change bill have been labeled “traitors.”  I hope that if the GOP continues to alienate people, that many will continue to follow the course of Arlen Specter (D-PA) and become a part of a more inviting party.  But that’s beside the point.  What Schor points out in this article is that, in addition to supporting this bill, all of these representatives are somehow linked to transit.  Many of them have transit systems within their districts, while some have sought transit options and some actually manufacture transit equipment.  The links between a greener economy and addressing the hegemony of the car are many, and I’m glad to see that some individuals at least appear to realize the link, no matter what party they are.


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