Advocates: Maryland stimulus projects score high marks but mass transit shortchanged

Daniel J. Sternovitz brings us this unfortunate article on Maryland‘s use of their stimulus money.  Maryland, which is often a comparatively forward-looking state, especially regarding transit, has earmakred 94% of it’s stimulus money toward road projects.  In protest, a conglomeration of transit advocates held a press conference at Route 40, the “highway to nowhere” and “the Berlin Wall of West Baltimore.”  Part of the stimulus will go toward tearing down this road and building a rail line in its place.  The speakers encouraged state leaders to focus on creating communities with transit options other than the car.  Part of the problem, admitedly, is that many transit projects are not “shovel-ready,” which is a requirement for stimulus dollars, but that brings up the question, why haven’t Maryland leaders been planning for transit the way they apparently have been for roads?  Why are so few trasit projects indeed “shovel-ready?”  Dru Schmidt-Perkins of 1000 Friends of Maryland had this to say about Maryland’s transportation future: “The decisions we make today will determine the transportation legacy we leave our children.”


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