New neighborhood may rise

Earlier I reported on the work of Baltimorphosis in improving the Red Line in Baltimore.  Now, Ed Grunts reports on more progress on a TOD being planned for this line.  The Highlandtown Loft District is planned to have 3500 to 4000 reseidences, an arts and entertainment area, and other amenities.  It could eventually be used to create a transit plaza.  The line terminates at Johns Hopkins University, so transit-oriented developments could be a good place for student housing.  The current zoning in the area is for industrial uses, which wouldn’t generate much ridership, and the consultants are advising that housing be a major focus considering that the area is surrounded by healthy neighborhoods with large employment centers.  The area is also being marketed to “educated professionals seeking a ‘transit-oriented urban lifestyle,’ which includes less dependence on cars and more ability to walk to shops and services.”  I think this is a great development, and it has been fun to watch it evolve over time.

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