Ideas for Brack Tract unveiled

The Austin Business Journal gives us this article on what looks like an awesome development at the University of TexasBrackenridge Tract.  This 350-acre tract on the west side of downtown Austin will be developed as a mixed-use TOD.  It will be divided into five individual neighborhoods, which will function as distinct units.  They have presented two different development plans, a Village Concept and a Park Concept, both of which are extremely interesting.  Part of the plan is making sure that there is a transit element, whther it is internal shuttles, buses, or an extensionof the city’s trolley line.  They also plan on relocating the existing graduate student housing to a new development on the Gateway parcel, which is modeled on a Mediterranean hill village and according to the plan is very attractive.  Even better, this wonderful development actually seems to have the support of the community.  I think that this is yet another wonderful effort put forth by a university, and I hope others (notably BYU) implement similar plans.  Check out the presentation below.



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