In the Works: Senate Bill to Promote Sustainable Development

Elana Schor of Streetsblog brings us this article on what Congress is doing to facilitate TOD and other smart planning programs.  She says that this “kumbaya movement”–where Transportation, HUD, and EPA have put aside their differences to accomplish shared goals–are working with Senator Dodd of the Banking panel to “provide incentives for regions to plan future growth in a coordinated way that reduces congestion, generates good-paying jobs, meets our environmental and energy goals, protects rural areas and green space, revitalizes our Main Streets and urban centers, creates and preserves affordable housing, and makes our communities better places to live, work, and raise families.”  EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said, “Pedestrians are a good indicator species for a healthy community.  We’re all about building a healthy community of pedestrians.”  And HUD secretary Shaun Donovan presented his plans for an affordability index, which would include the monetary and environmental costs of transportation along with the actual real estate value of a home.  These are all great things.  Now we just need to hope that they can actually make it through both chambers of Congress and actually become law.


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