Call for Regional Coordination of Land Use and Transportation

Michael Rhodes of Streetsblog brings us this story on the Bay Area’s growth plans.  With an extra 2 million people expected by 2035, the area has to make major plans if it wants to preserve some of it’s excellent natural beauty.  With this in mind, the Grow Smart Bay Area plan was presented, with focused areas of infill and redevelopment that can house all of these 2 million people within existing cities.  Changing demographics, with baby-boomers becoming empty nesters and younger folks wanting to live in more urban atmospheres, focusing on infill rather than suburbs is a great way to go.  They also aren’t expecting the opposition that some projects like these have faced in the past, because people have had a chance to “kick the tires” of these developments and know that they’re a good thing for a community.  Along with focusing on infill, the Bay Area plans on continuing improvements to its excellent transit system, BART.  The Bay Area is already a wonderful place to live, and with forward-thinking planning and development, it will continue to get better.

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