Stapleton, LoDo, Belmar redefine “community”

Denver seems to be outdoing itself to prove PBS wrong in their portrayal of the city in Blueprint America.  Norman Gerrick brings us this article describing some of the characteristics of Denver’s New Urbanist developments.  According to his article, California neighborhoods built before 1950 have one third the traffic fatalities of newer neighborhoods, because the new ones are car based and the old ones are not.  He says that the sprawl model, which we expected to make us safer, has failed to do so.  Some areas, such as Denver’s Stapleton, LoDo and Belmar, are giving up on the sprawl model and returning to urbanism in what we now call New Urbanism.  But as many in the development community know, there are significant hurdles to this form of development, from single-use zoning codes to complicated financing.  He, along with practically all New Urbanists, calls for an end to these hurdles.


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