5th Street Crossing project in downtown Garland fuels lofty goals

Ray Leszcynski brings us this story from Garland, an inner-ring suburb of Dallas.  Garland has been ripe for redevelopment for quite some time, and its old bones are finally getting some exercise.  The DART station has fueled various developments which are coalescing into a revitalized urban core.  Because of the variety of uses, the project isn’t expected to be as harshly affected as other nearby single-use projects have been by the recent economic downturn.  Really, it’s the same idea as a mutual fund, where you bundle together a variety of different stocks so that, even if one of them tanks, you’ve hopefully still got a bunch that are going strong.  In mixed-use developments, if residential tanks, you can covert it to office or some other use a lot easier than you can single-use districts.  This strength will hopefully allow Garland to continue to redevelop in a good, urban fashion.

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