Public gets a view of The Village

Rachel Parker Dickinson brings us this report on the goings-on of Hendrix College.  The great Andres Duany is heading up a project there known as The Village at Hendrix, which will include single-family homes with porches and rear-loading garages, townhouses, live/work units, and mixed-use facilities.  Duany said that he is really glad that he can work on this project in a college town because “The college town is what gives this place culture.  It also mixes up the ages.  Because of the constant renewal (by the college), this will be one of the few communities that’s continually mixed in age.  If I really had to live in one of my own towns this is a very good candidate.  The college is the greatest amenity the town has, and the town is the greatest amenity the college has.  You’ll be able to lead your life here without feeling compelled to leave all the time.”  I have written previously about other colleges (Sacramento State and the University of North Carolina) and their towns supporting New Urbanism.  I just wish my college town would.  I think that it’s funny that Duany specifically mentioned “feeling competted to leave all the time,” which is a frequent sentiment from BYU students.  As the latest round of contention in the Joaquin Neighborhood shows, Provo cares very little for the needs if its 35,000 students.  We have a lot to learn from Hendrix.

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