Sprawl is the only option at the Planning Board

David Alpert of Greater Greater Washington writes this post about the development of “Science City” between Gaithersburg and Rockville, to the Northwest of Washington, DC.  Science City is not a city at all, but just more sprawl and office parks.  They are not currently transit-oriented, or even transit-ready like Kentlands, and have a FAR of about 0.51, in the range that Chris Leinberger calls “neverlands,” areas that are not cities, not country, just depressing.  According to Alpert, if they were really thinking regionally, they would have built to the Northeast of DC, where they would have access to commuter rail, DC’s green line, and the University of Maryland, a well-established university and leader in planning.  They would also have easy access to Baltimore as well as DC instead of being off on their own in an area that will force its workers to drive.  If you live in the DC area, especially in Montgomery County, contact the Planning Board and tell them that you don’t want Science Suburb, you want Science City.

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