Westbrook-Bowles Housing Project: Get It Right

The Hartford Courant brings us this op-ed piece about the redevelopment of a couple of housing projects.  The housing authority has been deliberating with award-winning developers Corcoran Jennison of Boston for about three years about who would have control of the project, which would be adapted from Modernist-style high rises to mixed use and income communities, and may eventually become a TOD.  The proximity of this development to the University of Hartford may also help the university to improve its image and better attract the best and brightest to Hartford.  They suggest that the housing authority try to look at it from a developer’s point of view, considering the high up-front costs and the volatility of the current market.  I agree that the city shouldn’t let minor issues get in the way of this great opportunity.  Instead of ugly, dull and (according to some studies) crime-inducing buildings, you could have a vibrant campus-based community.  If you live in Hartford, contact the housing authority and urge them to come to a quick conclusion with the developers.


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