Don’t Super Size Us! Boy’s YouTube Plea Helps Block Development

Hooray, a story from my hometown!  I only wish it was a good one and not this.  With the help of a 9-year-old boy’s YouTube video, a highrise development in Greentree was voted down by the City Council.  This is a wonderful thing, because the development is terrible.  Seven story, monolithic apartment blocks surrounded by surface parking with only one access point.  No mix of uses, terrible connectivity, little done to preserve the natural landscape.  The problem?  The video the boy made (or, more appropriately, his mother made with him as the star) was titled “Small Town America vs. New Urbanism.”  I hope that some if not all people involved with the project will come to know that this development is the antithesis of New Urbanism.  New Urbanism focuses on a mix of uses and housing types, connected streets, and traditional building forms, and respect for nature, none of which this development includes.  I hope that the mislabeling of this development as New Urbanism won’t hurt the movement, which has been going strong in Pittsburgh up to this point.


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