Healthy Cities Healthy Economy

Derek Young reports on the combined efforts of the Congress for the New Urbanism and CEOs for Cites to study the economic effects of New Urbanist development.  From his blog:

The study found that:

  • Metropolitan areas with a strong urban core had more stable home values than suburbs and exurbs.
  • Reducing vehicle miles traveled per person by just one mile in the 51 largest cities in the US, would save $29 Billion ANNUALLY.
  • The higher the “Walkscore” the higher the home value demonstrating that people prefer to live close to stuff, not far away from it as planners have been trying to do since the 70’s.  Walkscore is a complicated algorithm developed by NASA or some other bunch of eggheads that scores how easy it is to walk from one’s home to bars, grocery stores, bars, doctors office, bars, restaurants, bars, etc.

He goes on to discuss the merits of the Transect.

The fact that two organizations that are focused on good urbanism and restoring cities found that cities are better for development than exurbs is not surprising, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth paying attention to.  These are world leaders in planning and in business, the best there are, and we should apply the principles they espouse.

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