Bob Shallit: Developer proposes urban village on CSUS campus

This article by Bob Shallit outlines Sacramento State‘s plans to build an urban village on land that is now mostly devoted to parking (I think the image of the triumph of pedestrian development over automobile development is just so sweet).  I think this is a particularly great project because universities are something that new urbanism is not terribly adept at.  As far as the transect goes, a college campus would in most cases be considered a district and not a part of the more mixed use transect zones.  But a univeristy can be integrated into the larger urban fabric of a community to create good urbanism, as has been done at many of our country’s older, more urban and more prodigious universities.  BYU Students for New Urbanism actually helped with a proposition to build an urban village near BYU’s campus, but it was rejected by students who thought that apartments above stores lead to slums.  This is a strange mindset, considering that some of the best places in the world, like the Champs-Élysées and Madison Avenue, fit this description perfectly.  I hope that other universities take a look at what Sacramento State is doing and learn from it.


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